Trail Work In the Redwood Forest On An Old Trail

Sunday May 30, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Trail work

I got the tools together and rode the quad runner up into the hills to do some work on an old trail that goes on up through a redwood forest valley.

I parked here and walked down to the trail around 1PM.quad1


The trail goes down through these redwood trees and ferns.trail2


I worked most of the day moving downed limbs and rocks off the trail.trail3


Headed home

Around five I rode on out this road headed for home pretty tired out from all the work.road4


Rocks and sticks

I stopped here by the Christmas trees and threw some rocks and sticks off the road.road5


And I stopped in this spot and threw a lot of rocks off the road that I’ve been running over. They are sharp rocks and figure one of them might give me a flat tire eventually so it was nice to get them off the road.rod6


Once home it was nap time as I was tired out.

Eventually I went out and did some more work on the old well sediment removal job for a couple hours until it was almost dark.

Of course I ate a bunch of cherries and berries.

Nice day working in the forest.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Sure looks like a challenging day. I’ll bet that could almost be a fulltime job removing the downed limbs and branches.

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