Getting the Old Trail Open For the Quad Runner

Tuesday June 8, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Forest trail work

My chain saw needed some gas but I didn’t have any so I went to Guerneville and got some gas for my saw and some for my weed mower.

I filed the chainsaw teeth and fueled and oiled the saw and loaded the tools I would need on the quad runner.

Clearing the old trail

Here’s the quad at the start of the trail at the bottom. Since I have a chainsaw, this will be the first time the quad runner has been on this trail as there are logs across the trail that need to be cut and removed to get by.trail1


I started with these logs, just a couple of cuts and then move them off the trail and move on.logs2


Some places were pretty well cleared by now.trail3


I had to remove this one so I could get by but otherwise the trail was in good shape on this part.trail4


Good place to work

One of the places I stopped to do some work, like throwing  more sticks off the road as there were more sticks on the road than I thought.trail5


Lots of sticks on the trail

Sticks like these, lots of them. I had to remove a bunch of them all the way up even though I’d already worked on removing a lot of them. I think I now have most of them removed.sticks6


Almost ran off the trail

I was only fifty feet from the top of the trail when I ran off the trail, well almost. I had to man handle the quad back on the trail to keep it from going down on the right. Needless to say I did a bit of dirt moving in this spot so this doesn’t happen again.quad7


Started back down the trail

I finally made it to the top of the trail. I zeroed the mile gauge on the quad to see how long the trail was and started back down the trail from this spot at the top.trail8


This log was low and hard to get under so it got cut down and removed on the way down the trail.trail9


I’d worked on this part of the trail on the way up so it was nice on the way down.trail10


At the end of the trail

I checked the  mile gauge on the quad and found it read .3 miles, a bit shorter than I thought it was, but long enough.

Lots of water

On the way headed back down to my house I went by our water tanks to check the water level. They were all full so I can do some more watering in my yard.tanks11


Good exercise

I sat down for a break when I got home to relax for a bit. When I tried to get up I could hardly move, but I worked on it and slowly things got moving again, although with a bit of pain.  Such is older age and hard work, keeps me young or at least healthier.

One last thing

In the evening I puttered around the yard doing some watering and put some fertilizer on my young citrus plants and before I knew it it was getting dark.

Nice day.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Hi Bob,
    My husband and I have been following your blog since the fire and have enjoyed all the great photos of your daily adventures. My grandparents retired up here in the early 60’s so I have come to Guerneville my whole life. We are vacationing here this week and looking for new trails to hike with Armstrong closed. Are the trails you are clearing on your land, national forest or open to public if you know how to get to them? Thank you for showing us a whole other side of life in this area.

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