Transplanting a Volunteer Peach Tree

Sunday December 20, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Tree planting

I spied this peach tree in one of my chicken yards this summer. It was what is called a volunteer which means it just grow there up from a seed from another peach tree. I needed to transplant it to a better spot.

The tree is small and in front of the shovel with no leaves right now so it’s just right to transplant.tree


But first I needed to dig a hole for it so I did.hole


I was going into the chicken area to get some poo for the peach tree. They thought it was time to get into the front yard but it wasn’t and I didn’t give in. Too early into the front yard and they get into mischief like poo on the front porch.gate



I filled a bucket with poo from under the roost.poo


Side tracked

I got some more soft soil together for the tree then got side tracked and walked over to my neighbors to check out a phone thing I said I’d do for her. She needs some new phone line run so she can get her router in the right place so she can use it around the house and the yard.

Turns out the phone box was up there so I’ll have to get a ladder. But not today. I checked out the rest of where I needed to run the new


Get going

I sat down in the yard until the sun went behind the hill to my west and thought I better get that tree planted.

I shoveled dirt and poo back in the hole and got it done.tree2


I’ll have to get some kind of wire fence around it’s base before I let the chickens back in this spot. They won’t eat the tree but they dig up the roots just scratching around looking for bugs.

Sky view

After I got the tree planted I sat in the yard to rest and enjoy the day. Looking up this was the sky view with the sun just over the hill to the


By now it was time to let the chickens into the front yard for an hour or so.

I’d delayed them and it was late so they weren’t there so I gave them a call and they came running.chicks


Here they are just after running through the gate.chickens


I did some more chair hopping and checked things out around the chicken pens as there’s always little things to do there, like check water, collect eggs, only four today.

At dark I went in the house.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Boy howdy they are raring to go!!! Too cute when they all run out to scratch in the dirt.

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