Van Leaks Found and I Bring In Some Firewood

Monday April 6, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Van radiator fluid leaks

On the way out to take care of the chickens this morning I noticed this wet spot under the van. Looks like a real slow leak from the heater hoses where they go into the


Moving firewood

I got the wheelbarrow out and started moving this wood to the front wood pile for firewood. It took most of the day before I got it all moved. A little at a time works.woodpiles


I hauled the wood across the yard to this wood pile area.pile


Some showers

There were some big clouds going over and it showered a couple times during the day, but they were short showers.clouds



I got all the wood moved by late afternoon.wood


Chickens out

Of course I let the chickens out to graze around 6. They always get excited when I let them out to graze. It’s nice after being penned up most of the day.chickens


Another van fluid leak

I looked under the van again and was surprised to find another small wet spot in the back there were the original wet spot was. Interesting the spots didn’t show up when I ran the engine to warm it up yesterday, but today just sitting around they got wet. That’s a good thing as I was checking for possible leaks and I found some so now I can fix them.wetspots


About dark time it started to rain some so I closed up the chickens and went on in for the day.

Nice easy day puttering around in the yard getting stuff done.

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