Moving Firewood and Hanging in the Yard with the Cat

Tuesday September 12, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Thinking of but not doing

I was thinking of going kayaking at Monte Rio today, but just couldn’t get it going so I hung out in the yard. I  thought I might go yakking in the evening.

Moving wood

I did get some fire wood moved to this spot where I’m keeping my firewood. I had to trim that bush a bit as it was taking over the wood pile. woodpile


I moved these wood piles and some others before the day was out.wood


Just hanging out

Evening was approaching and I was still thinking of kayaking at Monte Rio, but I was doing just fine hanging out in the yard with the neighbors cat.kat


Working on the van’s leaky gutter

So instead of kayaking, I got the rotary brush out for my drill and used that to clean the van’s leaky gutter out. That got a lot of it, but not all, so I next need to work on picking all the stuff out that is still in the gutter, but not tonight.gutter


Cleaning up the beans

Just before dark,  was thinking I should go over and finish picking the last of the beans on the older vines as I saw some beans still on the vines the other day. It looks like my brother’s next crop is about to come in on the vines on the right. I picked the beans on the older vines on the left.beans


That pretty much wrapped up the day for me.

Nice day.

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