Van Wiring, Gas lines, Fan Shroud, and the Van’s Computer Wiring Harness Arrives

Monday August, 23, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Making progress

I continued on what I was working on yesterday once I got the van opened up and did some chair hopping first.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         van1


Electric fan wiring

I had most of this hooked up yesterday except for the power to it from the battery and the key wire to activate them.

So I dove into those wires and finished hooking the two electric fans up.relay8



Once that was done I tested them to make sure they worked and I also checked the air flow on each one to make sure the air was going the right way through the radiator and they were.

Running gas lines

After some more chair hopping I worked on the gas lines and decided to run them all the way back to the gas tank where the fuel pump is. I like the new braided line I got as it has a stainless steel mess around it inside and wish I’d gotten the smaller gas line like it instead of what I  have. I  may order up some more of the braided stuff.

I need some more fittings to finish hooking up the gas lines before I can finish up this part.gaslines4


Constructing a fan blade guard

While I was testing the new electric fans I had to replace I decided to make a fan blade guard for the open fan there, mostly just for safety and I thought I could make one fairly easily if I did it in sheet metal.fans2


I drew the pattern on the steel sheet and cut it out.metal5


Then I bent it into shape.bending6


Running out of stuff

Every time I need nuts or bolts I have to dig through my stuff to find what I need. I notice I’m running out of a lot of the most popular bolts these days from using them all up on projects through the years.DSC03859


Here’s the simple fan blade guard I formed around the electric fan bracket.shrod7


Here’s looking down on the new fan shroud. Looks like it should work. I need one more modification to stiffen it up a bit.fans8


Important part arrives

I’ve been waiting for the new computer harness for the van to arrive and it did today. It’s fairly easy to hook up as most of it has plugs that plug in to everything. Maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow as the day is almost over and I have other stuff that needs done.harness


Prepping for a freezer delivery

My new freezer is arriving tomorrow so I need to defrost this old one so I can get the meat out when the delivery guys come so I took out what packages I could and used the water hose to melt the ice on the few packages left on the top shelves which was all hamburger meat in plastic packages so all went well and it didn’t take long to get the job done.freezer


I returned the meat packages back to the freezer for now.

Enjoying the evening

In the evening I sat around with the chickens going from chair to chair in my yard and enjoyed what was left of the day.grazers


Nice day.

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