Vultures, Geese, Osprey, Paddling Around Jenner

Sunday July 5, 2015 Jenner CA.

I was going kayaking today, but being a holiday weekend, I wanted to go down to the river later in the afternoon  to avoid the crowd at the boat ramp.

Helping a friend

Around noon I went to Monte Rio to visit a friend, Charlie. We shot the bull a lot and I helped him put in a new plug in his wall.

Headed to Jenner

I left there and continued on to Jenner and put my boat in the water around 3PM. The wind was down and the river was looking nice as I paddled up stream.russianriver


Dead cow

I could see some turkey vultures sitting on a log across the river so I went over to see what they were doing. Seems they were all full from eating on a dead cow not far from them which I left out of the picture so as not to gross you out. :O)tvultures


As I sat there checking out the turkey vultures, this gang of geese were coming down the shoreline towards me. They could see me and were starting to get concerned and turned back up the river.geese


I paddled back across the river and continued on up the shoreline. I’m just going by eagle’s landing in this photo.river


Preening osprey

I could see some kind of bird up in the tree ahead preening, so I let the light wind blow me up under it, not moving much as not to spook it. It turned out to be an osprey. I drifted to within about twenty feet of it and watched it preen for about ten minutes before it finally took off and flew away.osprey


I continued up the river to the muskrat area, just ahead and sat for a half hour or so, just watching and enjoying the day and a bit of napping too.upriver


Eventually I started back down the river and the geese I saw earlier had gone to shore across the river from me.goose


I continued on my way and decided to go down the back channel of Penny Island where I saw some buddy birds, or pipers just to my right on the shoreline, so I tried for some photos.pipers


Blog reader comes by

As I was taking photos these two paddled up and said hi Bob. It turned out to be Dennis and a lady friend. Dennis is a daily reader of my blog so we chatted a bit before they paddled away.dennis


Monster stump

I continued on down the island back channel going by this big redwood stump. It always reminds me of some kind of monster as I pass, but so far hasn’t attacked me. :O)monster


I decided not to go down to the open river’s mouth and paddled around the lower end of Penny Island and headed back to the boat ramp. I was thinking of staying for a sunset, but with the clouds I didn’t think there would be a sunset.

This was my last view looking down towards the ocean as I headed for the boat ramp.downriver


It was easy getting my boat out of the water since most of the people had already gone home for the day.

Getting the van fixed up

I went on home and puttered in the yard a bit, but didn’t get much done. I did do some thinking about what to do about getting some things on my van fixed up, such as the radiator and the electrical system. I need to get the van down to the radiator guy to have him check it out and see if he has any good ideas on how to help make the engine stay cooler as the heating problem has been around since I first created the four wheel drive van.

I need to get these things fixed up so I can go off on some more trips soon.

Nice day.

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