Windy Paddling at Jenner and a Muddy Ramp at Monte Rio

Saturday January 30, 2016 Jenner CA.

It looked like the wind was up

The weather guys said it’d be a bit windy this afternoon at Jenner, but not too bad so I headed on down there.

Looked like the wind was already up when I arrived at Jenner. Dan and his wife arrived to kayak as I was putting my boat in the water, but were thinking it might be too windy.

I left them and headed across to Penny Island and on up the river on the south side which looked like this. Lucky the sun was out, or it would have been chilly.river


I saw Dan and his wife leave the parking lot and head someplace else, a wise decision as the wind didn’t let up.

I paddled up along the south shoreline going by this spot where the wind wasn’t too bad.landing


I paddled up to the muskrat area where I sat for awhile, then I crossed over to Paddy’s rock here.paddyrock


I paddled over to the rock to get behind it and out of the wind. There were a couple cormorants on the rock.cormorants


I continued on down along the shoreline going by several pairs of geese which did a lot of honking. That’s a golden eye duck there too.geese


I also passed by this snowy egret just resting on the shore.egret


I continued on down the river crossing back over to Penny Island here.jenner


I considered going in, but instead continued on down along the north side of Penny Island.windy2


As I neared the lower end of Penny Island, I looked across down to the river’s mouth area where I could see the ocean splashing up on the rocks down that way.windy


As I looked across I could see the wind was getting stronger, so I decided to head back to the boat ramp.

Monte Rio Boat ramp

I put the boat on the car and drove on back to Monte Rio where I wanted to check on the mud situation at the boat ramp.

It wasn’t too bad, but there was some mud there alright.rioramp


I got the flat shovel out of the car and took my time shoveling the mud to one side until it looked like this.ramp


I considered putting my boat in the water, but all that shoveling wore me out, so I went on home for the day.

That was my day as when I got home, I hit the couch and that was it.

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2 Responses to Windy Paddling at Jenner and a Muddy Ramp at Monte Rio

  1. Bob says:

    Monte Rio might have been a bit too much current for your wife too. It’s not that bad, but if you’re not use to some current, it might not be good. Maybe best to check conditions out yourself before going down that way with your wife when the water is up.
    It’s always good to have some concern for paddlers with less experience. :O)

  2. Dan says:

    Yep. Too windy for my wife. I don’t want to scare her. I’d have gone out if it was just me. But it did seem awful windy. We checked out Monte Rio but decided it was too muddy. Too bad the fire fighters don’t hose it off clean anymore.

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