Waiting For the Phone Guy and Cleaning Out the Chicken’s Pen

Sunday May 22, 2022 Guerneville CA.


I have to stay around the house as I’m waiting for the phone guy to come and fix my phone line. He’s supposed to come by within three days so I wait. He didn’t show up today so tomorrow should be the day as it’s the third day.

Moving dirt

I’ve been meaning to remove about four inches of dirt in the chicken’s pen so I can add more woodchips, so today was the day for that.

I got the wheelbarrow and some tools and moved them to  the chicken pen.dirt


Loading dirt

The dirt  had to be moved to another spot once loaded up.pendirt


The other spot was across the yard so I went by these blooming poppies with the loaded wheelbarrow a number of times.poppies


There’s a spot here that could use some filling up with dirt so that’s where I moved it to.fill


Of course I needed lots of breaks and did some chair hopping between loads.

Dirt removed

I’m not sure if the chicken’s approved or not but they were checking it out.pen


Nice for the chickens

It took most of the afternoon and I was really getting tired out. I have all the dirt moved in this photo and now have to get some woodchips to top it all  and make it real nice for the chickens.penfloor



I barely had the energy to get two loads of woodchips for the pen but I got it done.chips


Another one, but not today

Once that part was done I moved the tools to this feeding pen I call the mulch pen to setup to do that one too.mulchpen


But I didn’t seem to have  much energy left so I napped instead and  just couldn’t get back to the work today, so that was it.

Good to get that work done while waiting for the phone guy.

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Shovel, wheelbarrow, moving dirt = tard. That last word is how we say it in TX.

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