Went to Cazadero to Work on a Spring, But the Road Was Snot

Sunday January 10, 2016 Cazadero CA.

Headed to Cazadero

This morning John, Ray’s brother, came by to pick me up around ten and we got all our gear together and headed out to a ranch in Cazadero.

We were headed up there to install some water spring collection parts for the lady that owns the property.

Turned at the gate

We turned off the main road here and went through the locked gate headed up the hill to the spring.gate


It’s interesting, John said his brake lights weren’t working, but there is one on here.

Just too muddy

We didn’t get far up the hill before we ran into John’s son and his friend parked by the side of the road at the bottom of this little muddy hill, looking like they were taking a breakwethill


They had tried the hill before we got there and it proved to be too wet and snotty to get up it.

Discussing the situation

We stopped and talked with them and contemplated giving the hill a try, but there was more hill after that and we’d really tear the road up, so we hemmed and ha-ed and finally decided it would be a bad idea to try it. We thought about walking on up, but we had fifty pounds of clay we’d have to pack up there along with our other stuff, so that seemed like it might wipe our backs out, at least mine. :O)

I walked up the road a bit to check it out and it was real snotty mud on the surface.

This is as far as we got.gang


Well since the spring was working for now, it seemed like a good idea not to fight nature and come back another time, so we turned around.turntruck


We headed for home and did some repairs

Since we now had some extra time, I helped John take a look at why his brake lights and signal lights weren’t working.

We checked the brake pedal stop switch and messed with that until I was sure we had power on the wire there. Once I was sure there was power there, we checked the brake stop switch on the brake pedal and it was good. So, we now had a left stop light, but no right one and no turn signal lights.

I had John take off all the light lens and we cleaned up a lot of corrosion. We got one signal light to work, but no more.john

I decided he likely has a messed up turn signal switch part in his steering column which means we need to pull the steering wheel to have a look.

We buttoned it up for now and John took off for home.

Didn’t make it kayaking

I was thinking of going kayaking, but I went in the house and the couch got me and I never made it.

I went out side once to see about doing some work on my van, but it was too chilly so I sat and studied the problem for a bit. I want to relocate my water supply jugs to a place they don’t get in the way of my feet when I’m sleeping. I think I have a plan so when it’s nicer out, I’ll work on that.

The rest of the day I spent inside taking it easy and that was my day.

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