Stump Breaking, Visiting, and a Redwood Forest Jeep Ride and I Finish Another Garden Panel

Friday April 27, 2018 Guerneville CA.

A stump in the way

Last night while I was chair hopping and studying my garden enclosure project I noticed this olive stump was in my way. I thought I could just use the chain saw and cut a grove in the stump for the rebar to sit at ground level, but his morning when I came out to cut the stump I realized a gate had to swing out right where the stump was so the stump had to go.stump1


Start by digging around the stump

I dug around the stump and used water to clean the stump off so I could see what to do. I decided to use my mall on it and started to chop away at it when I my friend Marty showed up in his jeep for a visit.stump2


In the process of digging around the stump I dug up these daffodil bulbs which I will plant somewhere around the yard.bulbs13


Up the hill in Marty’s jeep

Marty and I shot the bull for a bit then I suggested we take his jeep for a ride up the hill which he agreed to. A ride through the redwoods was in order so we took off and stopped to check the water level at our water tanks.tanks3


We continued on up the hill and went through here. It was a bit tight but we got through.road4


Up near the top we had to get out to check out the road at this stump to make sure we didn’t get in a hole. No problem we made it though just fine.bigstump5


Ridge top view

We drove up to the ridge top overlook and this was the view today.view6


Marty noticed the wild lilacs were blooming.lilac7


On the way back down we stopped here where one of my brothers has been cutting firewood. Marty was getting cold so he put on his jacket. After a break we took off and headed down the hill.dozer8


Checking out the chickens

We stopped at my brother’s chickens to check them out.chickens9


Frolicking lizards

From there we went on back to my house and were sitting around taking a break by where I was welding. These two lizards were doing a lot of frolicking right in front of us about six feet away for about ten minutes or more. I think they were two males as one bit off the end of the others tail. They’ve been hanging around while I was welding so they got pretty tamed down.lizarda10


Back to the stump removal

Marty took off for home so I got back to the stump breaking project. Using the mall I slowly was breaking the stump apart.stump11


It took awhile with lots of breaks but eventually I got the top of the stump down below ground level.nostump12


I then had to put all the dirt back in the hole and it looked like this ready for the panel that will split this garden in the middle and support the  roof panels.garden14


Attaching wire to the panel

I already had the panel welded up but it needed to have all the wire attached so I worked on that as I was hoping to get this panel made and installed before dark today.panel15


Here’s a close up of the pig clips I used to attach a lot of the wire. These clips used to be used to clip to a pigs snout to keep them from rooting around. I don’t even like thinking how that must of felt. But they work good for fastening wire materials to things such as rebar and also for splicing two wires together.clips16


Help shows up

Tom came by just about dark and helped me haul the panel to the garden and get it installed. I got done just after dark and was happy with what I got done today.

That was my day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    The fence is coming along nicely. It just would have been too easy for you, had the stump not slowed you down! You got a break with the jeep ride and still managed to finish getting the fence up.
    Sounds like a great day!

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