Work On the Trail in the Redwood Forest and Picking Berries

Saturday July 3, 2021 Guerneville CA.

I noticed some interesting clouds today as I sat in one of my chairs.sky1


Broody hens

These three hens have been in the nest boxes for laying eggs for a couple weeks now. I take their eggs away from them each day but they’ve stopped laying so I need to get them out of the broody mode.

So I’m trying putting them in this little pen without anything but food and water to see if I can break them of their broodiness.hens3


Waterfall trail work

After some chair hopping I hopped on the quad runner and rode up into the redwood forest to the waterfall trail here and parked to do some work on the trail.quad5


From where I parked I had to walk up the trail through here.trail6


And the waterfall trail went up through here which is an old logging road.trail7


The waterfall

The trail ends at this rocky waterfall.fall8


There’s not much water now but it should flow nicely in the winter.water9


Log seats

I got done what I wanted to do on the waterfall trail and rode back down the trail a bit and cut some more seats out of  log which I will put somewhere on the trail.logs10


I stopped here to do some stuff and take it easy for a bit.trail12


Then continued on down the trail.trail13


Stopping here to throw that branch off the road.quad14


There’s always lots of trees coming down on the roads so I stopped at this one and cleared it out of the way, deciding this would be the last one today.tree15


I chair hopped in the evening and this was the sky just before dark.sky16


Picking berries to freeze

Before it got dark I picked some berries. Some blueberries and some strawberries which I’ll freeze for later in the year.berries15


Nice day.

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  1. Jim and Barb says:

    We will miss picking blueberries up in Canada this year, we usually freeze enough to get us through the year but it looks like we will have to buy them this year!

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