Redwood Forest Trail Work, Watering and Puttering Around the Yard

Tuesday July 6, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Trail work

I hopped on the quad runner to go up and do some trail work in the redwood forest. About half way up I realized I forgot my camera. Oh well.

I worked on trails for about four hours and got some good exercise and a good piece of trail widened out.

After that it was back home for a  nap.


Then out in the yard to do some watering.

I watered the citrus trees, these two mandarins.citrus


And this big avocado tree got some water too. It doesn’t look like there are any avocados on it this year.water


I did a lot of chair hopping and just puttering around in the yard.

Weeds for the chickens

Just before dark I pulled some weeds in the raspberry patch.weedpatch


I got a big pile of weeds in a short time.weeds


And hauled the pile of weeds to the chicken pen for the chickens to eat tomorrow.pen


Hens isolation pen

My isolation pen for broody hens seems to be working out well. The first three hens got released and they seem to be back to normal.

But these other two went broody so they got locked in isolation to break them of their broodiness.hens


Ready for the night

The hens were all in their roost when I checked on them ready for the night.roost


And the little guys are tucked away in their little spot. I think there’s about 25 of the little chicks but they are hard to count.chicks


I sat around and watched the dark move in before I retired to the house.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Work done, some relaxing and all the kids put to bed. :)
    A good day!

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