Turned Out I Just Worked on the Garden Enclosure

Monday March 13, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Plans change as the day progresses

I wasn’t feeling like doing much of anything when I got it going today, so went out and sat in the yard thinking I’d get it going and go down to Jenner for a paddle, but then, I started working on the garden enclosure panels and thought I’d go down for an evening paddle after I got some welding done on a rebar panel.

Welding up the rebar

So I cut and welded up one of the sides of the enclosure  working here.rebar


I welded up the rebar to make panels that I will put chicken wire on later.tools


Test fit

Once I had the side panel made I drug it out to the garden and put it up with the end panels just to see how it will work out. Looks ok to me.3rebar


Gave up on the evening paddle

My back was telling me to quit after that so I sat around in the yard enjoying the day and planning the rest of the enclosure I’m building. I gave up on the idea of going down for an evening kayak and decided to give my back a rest instead.

The neighbors cat came by and was keeping an eye on me while I was working.cat


As I was walking around the yard just before dark I noticed one of the peach trees was blooming a nice pink color.peachtree

It got dark on me so I went in the house for the day and that was  my day.

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