Fall Kayaking Below Monte Rio

Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012, Monte Rio, CA.

To Cassini’s and back again today.

My older brother came by to kayak today. We were thinking of going down to Jenner, but looking at the weather for down there, it looked like the wind might be up, so I suggested Monte Rio to Cassini’s and back. When we got to the launch ramp I ran into one of the biologists that I know and he said, good thing you’re doing Monte Rio as I was just down at Jenner and the wind is up, so we made a good choice.

We were on the water by about eleven in the morning, headed down the river. It was fairly warm with the sun out and real calm. Lots of reflections in the water. Below, my brother is headed down stream, just above Villa Grande hole.



Usually, thee Blue jays don’t sit still long enough to get a good picture of them, but today, for some reason they were just sitting in the sun and let me get fairly close before they left.



And just below Villa Grande hole is this old dead tree with holes in it that the cormorants like to roost in.



As you can see in the picture below, there were lots of reflections to be seen.



Two female Merganser ducks were sitting on a log as we went by, just catching some sun.



Below, is a picture of some mossy banks on the way by Ryan’s beach. Green, green.



Lots of clouds came in as we were paddling down stream, which made for more nice reflections.



We went down to the Cassini ripple and watched the ripple for fish for about an hour, but didn’t see any fish, just a lot of birds. As the day wore on it got a bit colder as clouds came in and blocked the sun. On the way back to Monte Rio I spied this turtle near the bank and got a picture.


We arrived back at Monte Ro around four PM, tired from a good paddle, but egger to get home to a warm fire and some food.

Another nice day on the river.

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