Ride in the Forest, Digging a Special Hole, and Mounting Game Cams

Friday May 3, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Bike ride

Barry showed up this morning so we went on a bike ride up into the forest and rode all around, stopping at this spring for a drink of water.spring1

After some more riding around, we stopped at the top for a break.top3

Mostly a blue sky today, looking South.view4

Eventually we rode around some more and stopped here at the Guerneville Overlook for a look.guerneville2

Barry was thirsty so we stopped at the spring again for a drink of water.spring5

We rode around some more and then headed for home and were beat and got some good exercise.

Nap time

I was beat so I had a little nap.

After the nap, I grabbed some tools and headed on up to take care of a project.

Digging a special hole in the ground

This is our family memorial site. I needed to dig a  hole in the ground for a memorial service we will hold soon.

It’s hard to dig a hole by the big redwoods as there are roots everywhere.cross6

I did bring up  my Sawzall which helped a lot to cut roots. I also used it to just cut a hole in the dirt. With the long saw blade that worked pretty well.hole7

I was able to get the hole  just over two feet before I hit a some big roots. Hope that’s deep enough.holedone8

All that digging wore me out.

Game cams on Pool Ridge road

On the way up I’d collected two of my game cams and was going to move them to new locations.

I put one of them on this big tree if you look real close.cam9

That cam will watch these roads.roads10

I continued down the road and mounted the other cam to watch another spot.

And then headed on home for the day.

Nice day.

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