1967 Van Parts, Kayaking Monte Rio Down and Painted the Van Engine Compartment

Wednesday July 20, 2016 Monte Rio CA.

Needed to pick up some van parts

Once I got it going this morning, I headed over to Santa Rosa to pick up some more parts for the van project and bought some more spray paint for it too. I also needed some more pop rivets as the ones I had are too small.

Kayaking Monte Rio

Once that was done, I headed for Monte Rio to do some kayaking. I put my boat in at the ramp and headed down stream.rio


The wind was up a little, but not too bad as I paddled along headed for Villa Grande.river


I went by these mallard ducks resting in the green weeds.ducks


Mergansers fishing

I was paddling along here when I heard a commotion off to my left.villa


One of the mergansers that was fishing with the group caught a rather big fish, for them at least, and was trying to swallow it and keep it away from the others. You can see the one on the left has a big neck as the fish is stuck there until it can expand it’s neck and swallow it. Mergansers tend to mostly eat smaller fish, not as large as this one which was about eight or ten inches in length.duckeat


I was just paddling into the Villa Grande area here when something caught my eye off to the right.grande


Can you spot the green heron?heron


They blend in very well. If it hadn’t move, I likely wouldn’t have spotted it.greenheron


Villa Grande

I pulled under this tree at the Villa Grande hole and sat and watched for a spell in this spot.sitsppot


After awhile, I headed back up the river along here.russianriver


I was watching these mergansers as they started to jump up on the dock. The one on the left wasn’t exactly welcome.mergansers


It’s getting a scolding, like, hey, watch it fella.gang


I slowly worked my way back up to Monte Rio and headed over to the boat ramp to the left in the trees.bridge


Injection unit parts come

I went on home for a nap and sometime the delivery guy dropped off a package for me.

I found the box on the ground when I went out to work on the van. It contained a PROM programed for my new V8 350 Chevy engine for the computer that controls my TBI unit. It also had the two new larger injectors I will need and a gasket kit I wasn’t expecting. The guy I got this from said he’d throw in the TBI screw I lost when it went into the engine and put a hole in my piston, but no screw, I guess he forgot and now I’ll have to find one around here someplace.

Here’s the parts, but no little black screw in sight.injectors


Support brackets are finished

Now that I had the right pop rivets, I installed them on the support braces which finishes off that part of the project.

And with plenty of paint now, I painted the engine compartment inside and out. I bought some silver paint for the inside of the engine compartment and am using smoke gray for the outside.

That was my day for a nice one.

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