Some Shopping and Visiting and Digging on the Great Ditch

Wednesday June 25, 2014 Guerneville CA.

Shopping has to be done

My cupboards were getting bare so I needed to do something about that, which meant a trip to Costco for starters. So off I went first thing today. Since I’m allergic to corn and everything that is derived from corn, I  read the labels and have to put most of the stuff back as there is corn is almost everything. This process takes a lot longer, but I have no choice. I always make it out with some stuff and some of it usually has corn stuff in it to make me itch, no matter how hard I try to avoid it.

Oh,  and I stopped at the Chinese market, before I went to Costco,  to get some instant type noodles which I like to use to make some quick type things as you only have to throw the noodles into whatever you are cooking and they rehydrate, like the instant roman stuff. I’m pretty sure they are cornless, but not absolutely sure yet? They may have just a little which makes things even harder to detect? I hope not, only way to tell though is to test some by eating them.

A little visiting

After that, I stopped by to visit Patti and Marty on the way home for an hour or so.

When I got home, I was bushed, all tired out, so I got most of the groceries unloaded and hit the couch for a couple hours or so.

The Great Ditch Project

Around six PM I went outside with intentions of doing a little digging on the ditch. I got off to a slow start, but finally got into digging and dug about twenty five feet before my back told me I better quit for the day, or else.

This is the part I dug today. The water hose was attached to a soaker hose to presoak the ground to soften it up a bit. I went through a bunch of tree roots, so the going was a bit slow today. I’ve learned to keep a chair handy when working at this age, as it’s real handy. Work a little, sit, work, sit, work, sit, you get the idea. :O)greatditch


I’ll be putting a water line into the ditch when I get it dug so I will have some water faucets out there in the yard.

Beat after that

I was pretty beat after digging that  and I had to force myself to take a picture of it, as I had to get my camera from the car which meant I had to walk over there and back again and my body was telling me to sit down and take it easy.

I was rewarded though, as I passed the apricot tree, I saw there were some ripe ones, so I ate a few of them. Hummmmm good.apricots


I thought about going kayaking today, but I was just too tired to get it going for some reason and it didn’t’ help when I checked the weather at Jenner and it said the wind was 25 miles and hour and gusting to 35 miles an hour.

That was my day.

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