A Windy Day and an Island Walk

Sunday, June 16, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Plans change fast sometimes

I headed down to Jenner and arrived just about noon. Steve was there so we put our boots in the water. Lot’s of people down there, mostly taking there boats out, because it was real windy. We planned to boat up to Seal Haven, but as we crossed the river to Penny Island the wind was real strong so Steve wanted to go to the island and do a walk, to give the wind a chance to settle down, ha.

That’s what we did, we put the boats into shore on the east end of Penny Island and went ashore for a walk.

The channel down the backside of the island was all white capped and the wind was a blowing pretty good is what the picture shows, looking west toward the ocean.



Steve decided he wanted to eat some berries and do the walk I did a couple days ago, down the length of the island which isn’t very easy to do because of all the brush on the island. Mostly deer live on the island, but coyotes and bobcats also swim over to it and hunt there too.

Below is what a trail looks like, one we were trying to follow.




Some times the trail went through some trees, ………still following the trail headed west.



The island is real lush, below is more of the trail.


It’s not a very good trail and real hard to follow. I’d say it’s more of a maze. Lots of hopping over trees and logs and going though bushes like the deer. Hard on a sore back.

There were a lot of salmon berry bushes too. They have real long thorns, something like an acupuncture needle, so one has to really watch out for them.

The picture shows how thick the brush is on the island and some of the red things are salmon berries.



I actually have a hard time taking a good clear picture of the berries, but here is one of the better ones. They just look so very good, but their taste just isn’t that good. This one is about an inch in diameter.


We spent several hours on the walk on the island letting the wind die down, but in the end, it didn’t die down. We made it just a little further than I did the other day and headed back to the boats.

The below picture is of where we put ashore on the east end of Penny Island, looking up the river. See those two mallard ducks hunkered down out there?



Well, for older eyes, here’s a close up of the two ducks with their heads tucked in. Yes there are two male mallard ducks there, it’s not just a big breasted duck. :O)


When we got back to the boats we rested there for quite a bit, then I talked Steve into going up river to Paddy’s rock in the wind, which we did, then headed back down the river on the north side in a fairly strong wind and into the visitors center take out for the day.

So I headed on home. Entering my gate,  I run into my brother going out. He stopped me and said the main water line that feeds all our houses off a spring is leaking across the road and needed some attention. Darn, just what I needed. :O) Oh sore back.

I parked the car and went over to look at it. It was leaking in a place I worked on last winter and set up to do some more finish work on it this summer. I was able to put a piece of wood in the corner pipe and put some pressure on it and the leak stopped for now.

Unfortunately this means I have to get, ………. the put off repair,…….. accomplished soon. So tomorrow, I need to start trimming a bunch of black berry vines out of the way and finish the ditch to the road and set this thing up for a repair. My aching back. If I get the vines pruned that might a good start.

Had a nice day, just the same.

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