Looks Like the Geese Have All Hatched Out

Friday, May 10, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Kayaking Jenner and the geese

I was on the water at Jenner today around elven in the morning. I put in and crossed over to Penny Island.

There was no wind, it was flat as seen in the picture below, taken as as I crossed over the river to Penny Island, looking down river towards the mouth. Note the fog hanging out there.



I started up the river and Steve showed up, so we continued on up the river. Most of the geese on the river now had little ones with them. Seems like the geese were all hatched out.

Here is a  pic of some of them as we passed up the river.



And this big bunch that just hopped out of the water as we passed.



The wind had picked up a bit by this time and the fog was trying to come in.  We decided to go at least up to Willow creek to get out of the wind. We entered the creek and found it not passable as the water was too low to get very far into it, as the tide was too low.

Below is a picture of as far as we got into Willow creek. We spent a little time here.



As we left the creek, we found the wind had really come up a lot, so we put ashore for a bit at the Willow creek mouth. See below. It’s also a place to launch boats, but I never use it.



The wind was really up now, as we headed back down the river toward Penny Island, where we put ashore again on the east end, below. This is looking west toward the ocean.



There were these big jelly fish washed up on the shore, maybe eight or so of them. They wash into the river with the salt water at high tide, but can’t live in the fresh water. I don’t know if they are dead when they come in or die when the salt water changes to fresh water when the tide goes out at low tide?



We walked around the east end of Penny Island for a bit. I wanted to see how the berries where coming along. They have a ways to go, they are just blooming.

Below is a shot of the milk barn on Penny Island. the only building still standing.



The wind was really up now, so we paddled down the back side of the island and put ashore on the west end and took another little walk around on the island.

Below is where we put in on the island on the west end.



After walking around on the island for a bit, we put in and headed into a very strong wind and paddled around the west end point and headed on in for the day.

Even with the wind, it was a nice day to be yakking Jenner.

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