Antihistamine Research and Watching the Sun Go Down

Saturday February 20, 2021 Guerneville  CA.

Research and yard work


A couple days ago I started using 24 hour antihistamines to help relieve my full body itching from my corn allergy.

You are supposed to take one and only one each day, but I found I needed two to do any good. There is a warning to only take one in each 24 hours. I searched around on the internet last night to find out why one shouldn’t go over one a day with no luck, So today I drove on down to our little town of Guerneville to see the pharmacist and ask him what he thought about that and what else did he know about using 24 hour antihistamines often and long term.

Helpful guy

It turned out the guy was real helpful. He said there should be no problem with using two a day. He thought the one a day thing was mostly a legal thing to protect the drug manufacturer which makes sense especially since I couldn’t find the answer on the internet.

He took the time to go out to the antihistamines and talk about each type and how I could use them long term. Like how to dose as each day they build up in the body and how long each dose lasts in the body before being used up. The idea is to keep enough of the drug in the body without over doing it from using too much and having too much in the body, as each day adds to the day before.

Anyway I was pleased with the guy’s help and bought a couple different types to try out.


From there I went to get gas and filled up the car tank and went to visit John S. but he wasn’t home, but his dogs where and they gave me a proper bow-wow greeting from inside the house.

By the time I got home it was pretty late in the day with the sun just getting ready to go behind the hills to  my west.

Chicken shadows

As you can see from the chicken shadows the sun is low in the sky. They are eager to get out into to the front yard to graze.shadows


My shadow and there go the chickens out to graze the front yard.shadow


Another daffodil plot.daffodils


A little work

Once I let the chickens out of that pen and into the front yard, getting them out of the way, I could now go in and move some woodchips into the raspberry patch in the back there.  I think I moved about a half dozen loads before pooping out.mulch



I saw the sun going behind the mountain and the day started to cool, sundown



I spotted my brother’s carrot patch and thought a few tasty carrots would be good. patch


They aren’t very big but they are tender and sweet.carrots


I did some chair hopping with the chickens and then went in the house for the day.

It’s now dark and I need to go out and shut the chickens in for the night.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Antihistamine Research and Watching the Sun Go Down

  1. Inter Ed says:

    Usually they don’t like you to take more than you should because it could also interfere or interact with another drug you’re taking also if you are taking a second or third generation Anti-histamine even so it says non-drowsy you can get you drowsy their consensus is you may use machinery or drive a vehicle

  2. Nancy K says:

    Chickens and daffodils go nicely together!!

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