Cloud Watching and Moving Woodchips to the Garden Area

Friday February 19, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Rest and yard work day

The sun was out but there were big clouds blocking it on and off all day. I sat around and chair hopped and watched the clouds for a bit just enjoying the day.clouds


Moving woodchips

As long as we have all these woodchips I eventually got around to start moving some woodchips into the garden area for mulch.chippile


Garden pens

I was able to get these garden pens full of woodchips before the day was over. I’d move some woodchips and then sit in a chair and enjoy the day for awhile.mulch


By sitting around and then moving a load of woodchip I was able to get around 15 loads of woodchips moved by the end of the day.

Fruit trees starting to bloom

Some of my fruit trees are starting to bloom including this one which is an apricot which is blooming for the first time as it is a young tree. Soon most of my fruit trees will be in bloom.tree


No rain

Some big clouds moved in in the afternoon and I thought it might rain but it didn’


I hadn’t meant to let the chickens into the newly mulched area yet but I forgot and left the gate open so they got in there and were having a good time which is ok as they spread out the little piles of


Bad for the tree roots

One of the reasons I wanted to move woodchips is too many of them were spreading out under these cherry trees which might not be good for the trees as the pile of woodchips is very wet from the recent rains which makes the ground for the cherry trees too wet which isn’t good as threes don’t like real wet ground as it kills the roots and the tree.

So by the end of the day I’d moved the pile of chips back from the fruit trees a bit so now the ground can dry out a bit.trees


Left the gate open

Here’s the gate I accidentally left open so the chickens got in. It won’t be long before all these fruit trees will be in bloom.birds



Just before dark I moved these eggs from the chicken pen into the house which I will put in the refrigerator and use them up.eggs


That was it for an enjoyable day puttering around the yard and getting stuff done.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Wow … those chickens are producing like crazy!! Somehow I think those eggs taste better than the store version.

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