Barry and I Clear An Old Road For Wood Cutting

Tuesday March 19, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Old road

Barry and I went up into the forest and worked on clearing an old road of brush. It’s in a good firewood cutting area. I ran the dozer and he ran the chainsaw and loppers.road1

Barry was also enjoying running my side by side to get around.road2

We worked on clearing this flat spot of brush.clear3

The dozer did most of the brush clearing in this area.dozer4

There’s plenty of madrone trees in this area which makes good firewood.road5

We quit about five thirty and headed for my place going by the Guerneville overlook. Just more blue sky today.sky6

The view of the Korbel vineyard by the town of Guerneville. Looks like they’ve tilled the soil recently as most of the green grass is gone.grapes7

Nice day.

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