Septic System Problems and Barry and I Work On Firewood

Monday March 18, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Septic system

Barry came by today and had to go look at our rental septic system as the renters reported it was backing up.  I went over to have a look after he had it dug up. We’re not sure what is going on but decided to start with a pump out so a call was made to start that process.

Since we can’t do anything about the septic system until it’s pumped out Barry got his chainsaws out and into the side by side to go up and cut up some firewood.

Firewood work

A dozer would be helpful to drag some trees up to cut up so we went over and I put some transmission oil in the dozer and we rode up the hill to where we were going to  mess with the trees. In the process I left my camera by where I was putting oil in the dozer.dozer

Firewood workout

Anyway, we messed with some trees and worked on firewood all afternoon and got a lot of exercise during the process. We quit around five thirty and were tired out and headed for my house.

Barry took off for home and I went in for a nap for a spell.

Chair hopping

I did get back out to chair hop with the chickens in the evening.

Kitty Kat was hunting for a mouse and got concerned when the chickens got a little too close.kat

The chickens grazed away while I sat and enjoyed the evening.chickens

Nice day.

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