Barry Wants To See the Biggest Redwood Tree I’ve Ever Seen

Thursday June 10, 2021 Monte Rio CA.

Clar tree paddle

Barry has been wanting to see the big redwood tree for some time so today we got it going and drove down to Monte Rio to put our boats in river to go see this biggest of trees.

I think we put in around noon and headed up steam going under this bridge at Monte Rio.That’s Barry in his boat up ahead.bridge1


We paddled by these sleeping ducking ducks, mergansers.ducks2


And this great blue heron.heron4


There was a little wind but the river was nice as we worked or way up the river.boho5


This huge tree can be seen for the first time when we  got to this point. It’s not the big tree you think.river6b  


It’s this one, the one with the dead top. It’s by far the largest one at the bottom where we are eventually going to have a look.treetop7


But first we were going to go up river to the summer bridge as Barry hadn’t paddled here before.

We went by these sunning turtles. One of those is a bird.turtles8


We are headed up the river to the summer dam and crossing which isn’t too far from here, as far as you can see on the river.river9


Barry wanted to paddle up to the crossing to have a look so I said ok, I’ll be sitting over here when you came back so I waited for him here and here he comes as we continued on back down the river to go  have a look at this huge tree.river10


The tree isn’t far from the river but it does go through a lot of poison oak.

We put in here to hike over to the big tree. There was only sort of a trail.shore11


We searched around and found the sort of a trail that went up the bank. Barry is trying to get up a four foot step so he’s crawling a bit.bank12


We got a little off and missed the tree but no  matter it was a nice hike though a redwood forest.

The Clar Redwood Tree

Now we are in a redwood forest so no way I’ll be able to do this tree justice with my camera.

Here’s Barry standing in front of it. Someone cut all the brush at the bottom not too long ago so now it is all brown but you can see this huge tree going up in front of Barry.bigtree13


We walked around the tree and had a look. It’s big, it’s huge, it’s by far the largest redwood tree I’ve ever seen. It’s like a couple thousand years old.bigtree14


I copied this from a Protect the Forest Web site.

Did You Know……

Sonoma county’s tallest tree – the Clar tree – sits within the proposed Silver Estates logging zone. At about 340 feet tall, this Redwood tree is believed to be the tallest tree on private property in the world.
At around 2,000 years old, this resilient tree has been hit by lightening so many times that the tip is dead. Yet the tree survives.

YouTube drone flight

After checking it out we made our way back to our boats through this area full of poison oak. We had to hunt our boats a bit but we found them.trail15


We made it back to our boats and headed back down the river to Monte Rio.boats16


Just before I got to Monte Rio I saw some movement in the bushes and it turned out to be this momma wood duck with her little ones.ducks17


Barry headed for home and so did I.

I spent the rest of the day puttering around the yard doing something but I can’t remember what.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    What an interesting post! That is one tallllll tree! It is obviously working on making it an unreachable record of ‘the tallest tree ever!’

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