Dirt Bike Ride and Got Some Weeds Mowed Too

Wednesday June 9, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Riding through the forest

My brother Barry showed up in my yard this morning for a dirt bike ride up into the hills so I thought I might as well join him as it’s a good way to get out of work.barry1


Old forest trail

We rode up the old trail first and stopped at the top of it and I went for a short hike to check some stuff out while Barry waited as with his dirt bike ridding boots it’s hard for him to hike in them so he had a rest until I got back.trail2


Rest spot

When I got back we rode around the roads until we needed a rest and headed up to this rest spot which we call Top of the world and rested and enjoyed the view.restingview3



Then we rode around some more and stopped here to check out some lumber Barry had stored up on the ridge that the fire dozers pushed over. He thinks he can save some of it.lumber4


We continued our ride and stopped at this view spot on another neighbors place for  a bit before heading home.view5


Weed mowing

Barry took off for his home and I puttered around the yard, eventually getting the weed mower out to mow down the weeds in this spot.weeds6


The weed machine made quick work of that so I put it away and did some chair hopping.mowed7



Around 4 I drove down to town to visit with John S. for a bit shooting the bull for about an hour.

After that I drove on home and took it easy for the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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