Big Chain Moved and Puttering Around the Yard

Wednesday February 9, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Working in the yard

I decided to hang around the house today. I started the day chair hopping as usual.

Big chain

I’ve been looking at the big chain in this pile and was thinking I needed to clean out this spot which meant I needed to figure out something to do with that big chain as someday I might need  it for something. It’s part of the track off our bulldozer that I replaced with a new one a number of years ago.chain1


I grabbed one end and I could barely move one end at a time but by working one end then the other end I dragged that big chain to here where I plan to store it.chain2


I installed it here along the pavement.chain3


After moving that heavy thing I chair hopped some more resting up.

Old van

Then I moved the stove and shelves back into the old van and cleaned some stuff out of it to shape it up a bit.stove4


Raspberry vine experiment

Raspberry vines can be pruned using several different methods. I’m not sure which is best for my needs so I plan to prune these berry canes three different ways to see which works best for me, as each type of pruning will likely cause the berries to start ripening at different times.canes4


Pruning canes

The canes are hard to see, but on the left I cut them down to about four feet and the middle ones to about eight inches and the ones on the right I cut off the tips that had berries last year.canes7



The sun was mostly out today with some clouds in the afternoon.sky6


About 4 I let the chickens out to graze in the front yard. They line up at the gate when they think it’s time for me to let them out.gate8



I loaded up the liquid fertilizer cartridge and put the rain on the raspberry patch.garden9


And then went back and cleaned up these raspberry canes.brush10


Hauling them up this drive to the brush pile on the left.daff12


And the last thing I did was to set the rain on the blueberry patch to water in the fertilizer I put on the ground.rain


Nice day.

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