Hanging Out In the Forest For a Restful Day

Tuesday February 8, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Peaceful day in the forest

That’s where I was headed as soon as I started the rain in the yard to wet things down and push nutrients down into the ground. I turned on about five sprinklers with timers so I could leave. Then I jumped on the quad runner and headed on up into the hills.rain1


A little trail work

I parked here and did a little trail work.quad3


Fern Canyon

I hung out in this area, Fern Canyon, for most of the day, mostly just enjoying the peaceful forest and walking around on the trails.ferms2


I was up there longer than I thought and around five I headed on home.

Chickens grazing

My chickens were already on the roost, but I called them and they finally came out to graze in the front yard.chickens4


They seem to like the grasses in this spot.grazing5


Nice day.

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