Buying a New Crab Cooker and Some More Night Crabbing at Port Orford Harbor

Monday February 11, 2018 Port Orford Oregon

First some shopping and then some crabbing

Yesterday I accompanied Steve on a shopping trip about fifty miles north to Coos Bay.  We especially wanted to pick up a propane cooker and pot for doing crabs as what Steve had to boil them in took a long time.

We stopped to get propane on the way up.gas


We shopped

We shopped at Bi-Mart and Wal-mart and got home around five and that was our day.

Rain today

Today it was raining lightly as I got it going and was supposed to continue raining most of the day.

Night crabbing

So I did some reading until about 5PM when Steve and I drove on down to the Port Orford Harbor to do some more night crabbing. I think Steve wanted to try out the new crab cooking unit we bought yesterday.

I’m headed down to the harbor about 5PM.orford1


Walking around the dock

Steve put his crab pots in the water while I walked around the harbor checking things out.

These guys are receiving crab off the fishing boats below. These are the NorCal buyers. They said all their crab goes to restaurants which I assume goes to fish markets around the country first.crab2


These guys were fishing near the end of the jetty. I didn’t see them catch anything.fishing3


These fishing boats are waiting their turn to come in and unload there catch of crab.boats4


Working after dark

It soon got dark and the crab boats continued to unload their catch for the day.boats5


Fishing boats waiting to come in to unload in the dark.nboats6


These buyers were still working after dark and into the night. They check out the crab and pull out any dead ones.crabers7


Steve crabbing

Steve was crabbing all this time and catching a few.steve8


They were still hauling fishing boats out of the water.boatup9


And there were still some boats coming in off the ocean to unload their catch of crab.boats10


Unloading crab

Here’s one of the fishing boats unloading their catch of the day.crab11


This is an overall picture of the dock. Note the big truck on the left is just loaded with crab and is about to leave to take the fresh crab to market. He pulled out just after I took this picture.truck12


We headed for home around 9PM.

Cooking the catch

Steve got the new cooking stuff out and set it up for cooking crab.

Here’s the crab Steve caught today ready for the cook pot.crab13


The crab are in the pot cooking away while we watch and wait.steve14


Here’s a few of the freshly cooked crab. The new cooker worked great and we were done in no time compared to the other day.crab14


I consumed one tonight and we’ll gobble the rest tomorrow for dinner.

That was my day for a good one.

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