More Shopping For a Utility Rig

Wednesday January 24, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

Since it was going to rain today, I thought it’d be a good idea to do some more research on utility rigs. Although it’s not usually a good idea to be out and about on rainy days with all the crazy drivers in this area.

I had about four places I wanted to check out and see what I could learn about these things.

Good recommendation

The first place I went to, didn’t have much in stock but they recommended I check out one of their competitors for Honda’s as the guy said Honda has California EPA approval on their rigs so they can still be sold in this state and they had a good stock of the machines. I added the place to  my list and would stop there on the way home.

I stopped at this Kawasaki place next. They had a bunch of machines, but not really quite what I was looking for.rigs

John Deere Dealer

From there I made my way to a John Deere Construction equipment place who didn’t have any of the rigs I needed but sent me to another John Deere dealer where I’d already been. The traffic was terrible trying to find this place and it was raining. I was sorta interested in one of the machines at the other John Deere dealer but the price was a bit steep, but still, it would work for me if I didn’t locate something else.


So that left me the last place, the Honda dealer the other guy recommended I check out. They were located by a multilane intersection that was real busy so I had a real hard time trying to locate the entrance to the place and then getting into their parking  lot. I finally had to enter a do not enter exit to their parking lot and made it.rigs2

I walked on in and looked for a sales guy going by these rigs which are way more than I need and very costly too, 25 to 40 thousand bucks.fancy


It turned out they had what I was interested in, so had the guy give me a couple of quotes, mostly so I could do some more research on them when I got home on the internet.

The unit I was interested in was called a Honda Pioneer which could be bought in several configurations.

I was pretty beat by this time so I drug my butt home.

Once home and after relaxing a bit, I did some research on Honda rigs. I found Amazon has a bunch of accessories for these machines that were a lot cheaper than what the Honda guys wanted which meant I can just buy the basic machine and order things like windshields and  tops off the internet once I get a machine, which will keep the cost down a bit.

I’m very close to making up my mind on which machine I want so I’ll likely buy one of them soon.

Nice day.

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