Camped at Horse Tank in the Kofa, AZ.

Saturday March 1, 2014 Horse Tank Camp, Kofa, AZ.

Resting the ankle day

It was quite peaceful out here last night, even though it showered at times, sometimes quite hard for just a few seconds.

I woke up to another shower this morning, but it was time to get it going for the day, so I did. It was going to be a very lazy day as I mostly was just going to sit in my van and let my ankle do some healing. That’s what I mostly did and watched the weather as it changed all day long.

I decided I wouldn’t walk more then a hundred feet from the van today, to save my ankle. First thing I did this morning was go out and walk around the van a bit. These yellow flowers greeted me and the  more they got showered on, the brighter they


This is my camp site this morning. Note the holes in the hills around this spot.campsite


I had to mostly sit inside my van as the showers would drive me back in after a short spell outside. Showers all day long, on and off. They only really wet the ground a few times.

It seemed like a good job for me today was to watch this mountain range off to my north, as the range is rather impressive looking. Sorta like the Alps, but better as they were right here in front of me with lots of weather going around and over them. So, I watched them all day and they just sat there, while everything else moved around them.

See those mountains in the background? Turns out they are called the Kofa Mountains. They have a lot of character to them, very jagged tops.kofa


While I was sitting in my van, I saw this streak go by outside. That caught my eye so I watched for more movement and soon I saw it. A little chipmunk. I saw it scampering around nearby most of the day.chipmonk


On one of my short trips outside, I spied this little landscape scene.skilital


The weather was moving fairly fast and the clouds and the sun made for some scenery.mountain


Rainbows would come and go throughout the


The cave

Ok, once I ventured more then 100 feet from my van. I walked up the trail to look at a cave I’d like to walk up to and look in, down the trail about 300 feet before I stopped and took this zoomed in photo of the cave. It’s just to the left of the green bushes in the center and has some rocks stacked in front of it. This whole area is full of holes in the hills, it’s an interesting place to walk around in.cave


That’s as far as I went and my ankle was telling me so, so I hobbled back to the van for the rest of the day.

I mostly stayed in my van and watched that mountain range out front and to the north of me.

It finished off the day with this last rainbow across the whole mountain range.rainbow


It’s hard sitting here all day with a bum ankle and having all this real good hiking area all around me.

However, things will get better and I just need to learn to sit and enjoy life more.

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