Restful Day at Horse Tank Camp, Kofa, AZ.

Sunday March 2, 2014 Horse Tank Camp, Kofa, AZ.

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Today I was grounded at my van, no walks, rest the ankle. That was my plan. A hard one to follow with all the nice walking areas here. The rain showers appeared to be over, it was cool with a light wind today.

The first thing I hear when I opened the van door this morning was humming, so I looked around and sure enough, there was a hummer sipping flowers right in front of  my doors.

It stayed around for about five minutes and then was gone and I never saw it again.

Hummer sipping flowers.hummer


Not much happened  most of the day. A few people came and stayed a bit then left and were gone. Not much was moving around the van today. A couple ravens flew by.

Then sometime around noon or so, I heard jeeps coming and it was what I was expecting, Marty and Patti and their gang. Right away I was informed that Denis forgot to get gas before leaving Quartzsite this morning and wanted to know if I had a hose so they could siphon some gas from Marty’s jeep to his? Hummm? I’ve got ten feet of gas line I can take off my propane BBQ we can use. OK. Only problem with that was Marty’s jeep gas filler was blocked and they couldn’t get the hose into his jeep’s tank.

Well, Ok, the van has an old type filler tube with no blockage, so we used that and he got a few gallons to be sure he could get home.

Denis getting gas from my van, well supervised.gasman


Here is the whole gang. And yes, I hobbled up the hill to get this picture.gas


Mean while Marty says his temperature gauge on his jeep has been going to high and back to normal on the way out. Everyone asks if he is low on water, so he checks and is surprised to find it’s low. So, he gets some water for his jeep’s radiator.



He tightened up the drain and one of the clamps on a hose and that should do it. Note, Patti is making sure to document this.



After we got everything taken care of, they went on up the road to Horse tank and the grinding cave. I would  have gone too if it weren’t for the darned ankle.

In the mean time I was trying to keep occupied. I saw an ant on the ground taking some of the spent coffee grounds back to the nest.

Here’s a pic of the little guy.ant


While I was sitting there I was thinking I should of asked Marty where he thought the cemetery was? And when I heard them coming back I flagged him down to show me on the map. They stayed an hour or so shooting the bull with me, while the others left for home.

Eventually, they left for home leaving me out here all  my myself as everyone else that was out this way left today.

This is my campsite where I was sitting today after my visitors left.vancamp


I started looking at this hill more carefully. I had camped in this spot last year and walked all around this hill, but never up it to check out all the holes in the hill. The more I looked the more interesting this hill became. And if you take the trail to the left of this hill, you will come to some more interesting cave areas.cavehill


Some holes near the top.caves


More holes near the top.caves2


This hill had holes all over it. How could I have missed exploring it last time?caves4


This one even had that bubbly stuff similar to the Eye of the Needle.cave5


Well, here I had this interesting hill right in front of me and I had a sprained ankle, what a bummer. At least I finally noticed it.

All this sitting around and thinking all day, I’m realizing that with this sprained ankle I’m not going to be able to do the hiking around this trip that I had planned.

I’m thinking of heading North in a few days or so up through Nevada, through the Ruby mountain area and up to the Northeast corner, into the Jarbidge area.

A lady that ran the Mountain City store up there once told me that their spring started around March, so I’m thinking of taking a chance and checking that out. I can always head for home it there is still too much winter there.

Tomorrow’s plans

I’m planning to go back out this road to the King Valley Road and turn right and head for the King of Arizona mine area and look for the cemetery that’s been reported out there.

I will check out that area and then back tract to Highway 95 and head back to Quartzsite where I’ll post these blogs at the library and camp at my site.

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