Chainsaw Carb Repair, Land Cruiser Work and the Fuel Oil Truck

Thursday December 3, 2015 Guerneville CA.

It was raining pretty hard as I got it going this morning, so I planned to stay home for the day. And besides the fuel oil truck was coming to make a delivery sometime in the late afternoon so home I stayed.

Repairing the saw carb

First off was to put the new carburetor kit into my chain saw carburetor. I laid it all out with the parts and the diagrams to make sure I put things where they belonged when I put it all make together. I ran the carburetor and pieces in  my ultrasonic cleaner for a good time to clean it all out.

Here’s the carb and parts all laid out and ready to put back together using the diagram on the left.carbrepair


It’s actually a fairly easy job and I had it all back together in a short time. Here’s the finished product ready to be put back in the chain saw.carb


I wasn’t ready to put the carb back in the saw just yet and decided to wait on that. I hope this fixes the problem.

I spent a good deal of the day doing mostly nothing which was nice. The rain stopped mostly about noon time which was also nice.

Tom’s land cruiser

Later in the day, my brother Tom came by and wanted help looking at why his Toyota Land cruiser wouldn’t start most of the time. I looked at that and studied the book on the electrical  wiring a bit and repaired some wires. It seems to start now, but I’m not sure I fixed anything yet. Testing means using it to see if the problem shows up again or not.

Fuel truck arrives

Anyway, the fuel guy called and said he’s running late, but he’d be here eventually. He lives just down the road, so I think he got me on the way home as it was almost dark when he left here.fueltruck


That pretty much took care of today. Good to get my fuel oil in, now I’m ready for whatever the winter has to offer.

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