Cherries, Napping, Forest Ride, Strawberries and Some Work On the Old Well

Thursday May 20, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Lazy day

I tended the chickens and did some chair hopping and some cherry eating and then needed a nap for a couple hours. It must have been all those cherries I ate.

Forest ride

Later in the afternoon I jumped on the dirt bike and rode up into the hills for a ride through the forest.

I stopped here at the ridge top and sat on those wood rounds on the left for a bit just enjoying the day.overlook1


Then off I went down through these trees.trail2


I took this trail.trail3


And stopped at what I call the Lost Ridge for a short break.ridge4


Then headed up this road just taking it easy and enjoying the forest.road5


And then I rode down this road headed for the strawberry patch.road6


Armstrong Valley Farm strawberry patch

I ate my fill of strawberries before heading on home.berries7


Eating cherries

Once home it was back up in one of my cherry trees to eat some more cherries. You have to eat the cherries before the birds get them all. This is my view from the ladder top.cherries8


Old well work

And then I went over to the old well and worked on removing some more sediment from the well for a bit, about a half hour.well9


The chickens joined me getting into the discharge water as they like to dig in the mud.chickens10


New peeps

Of course I checked on the new peeps throughout the day.

The white hen is letting the red hen know she got to close to her little ones.hens11


A mama hen with some of her new peeps.peeps12


Nice day.

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