Trying to Take Care of My Hands, Gloves and Working on Barry’s Computer to No Avail

Thursday November  2, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Trying to do nothing today

Today was anther slow day. I decided to hang around the house and yard doing small chores or really mostly nothing.


My brother Barry came by with his new motor cycle again today and worked on me a bit to get a cycle myself. I know if I ride his I’ll be hooked, so I’m putting that off. Also because I’m trying to give my cracked swollen hands a break. They seem to be healing slowly.

My brother Barry has been having trouble with no sound on his computer so I said I’d follow him home to help him work on it.

Still looking for decent gloves for my hands

On the way I stopped at Wall-Mart to look for some  gloves for my sore hands, but they didn’t have what I needed so I went next door to Home Depot to check to see what they had. A much better selection. I found some XLarge ones that slip on and off, so I’m good to go.

Computer work

We worked on my brother’s computer for more than an hour, but we didn’t have any luck getting the sound to work. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

Something from the big  fires

I received this photo today from a friend. It’s all that is left after the big fire of his MG he was building up. He also lost his house and garages and shops.


Still puttering

When I got home I spent a bit of time puttering around in the yard, but didn’t get much done.

Good to get the dishes done

Tonight, I tackled the dishes as they’ve been building up because of my sore hands and things were getting out of hand and hard to cook. I hate to do the dishes in the first place, but they need to get done once in awhile.

I need the gloves when I’m cooking too as they seem to get into t the sink a lot.

Good Gloves

Happy to report the new gloves worked out real good and I was able to clean up without hurting my hands much. Great.

You don’t know how  much you use your hands until you mess one of them up and I have two of them messed up which really slows me down, besides hurting a lot. I could get some steroidal pain stuff from the Doc, but I choose not to for now as they can cause other problems so for now I’ll suffer a bit. :O)

That’s it for today.

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One Response to Trying to Take Care of My Hands, Gloves and Working on Barry’s Computer to No Avail

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Happy you found some gloves that will work for you.
    How devastating for your friend losing everything in a fire! My heart goes out to those who have lost so much.

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