Traveling South on the Continental Divide Trail Wyoming Day 9

Tuesday  August 1, 2017 Continental Divide Trail Wyoming

Wyoming South Day 9

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We woke up  here on the hill tops of the Continental Divide trail and got ready to depart for the day around nine.camp2


While I was sitting there these  sheep showed up from somewhere on the hill in back of me.sheep


Lots of animals up ahead

We headed out with Dennis and Cheryl leading with Marty following and then me going down this dirt road. Up ahead we can see some animals on the skyline.raod3


The grass must have been just right in this area as we saw lots of animals.

Here’s some of the horses and maybe a mule or two in there too.horses4


Some more of the  horses. They look


And there were more sheep in the area, here’s a few of them.sheep5


And a number of antelope too.lopes


And black beauty up there by itself.beauty6


We continued on down the road in what I’d call high desert.road7


Turned around

We had to make the right turns and sometimes we didn’t, but we always got turned around in the right direction eventually.wAY8


Only for the young

We ran into all these bikes by this intersection. They were headed south on the Divide trail and flew a British flag.bikes


Rawlins Wyoming

We were headed for Rawlins Wyoming to shop, do some wash and the others wanted to get some dinner.

Here we are doing the laundry. Patty did some of my socks for me.landry8


Outside, I spied this buck roaming around townbuck


Marty leads us to camp

We went to dinner and then Dennis and Cheryl went to find a motel and Marty and Patti and I headed up the road to find a camp spot which we did here.camp9


I took a little walk up a hill by our camp and looked back down to our


Wondering about this big pipe

On the hill top I found this gravity fed water pipe, about three feet in diameter. It didn’t seem to have any water right now and went down to where our camp was but couldn’t find where it went from there. This is just an air vent for the pipe.water


When I got back to camp I found Patti taking photos of the sunset.sunset


That’s our day. Tomorrow we continue south into Colorado.

Nice day.

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  1. Lois Albury says:

    Hello Bob,

    Just wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful photos that you post of your travels. By doing so, they take me to places I’ve wanted to visit, see and experience and now Imcan tick them off my bucket list. I hope your travels are safe and extremely memorable as I am sure they are.

    Again, thank you.


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