Continental Divide Trail Day 7

Sunday July 30, 2017 Continental Divide Trail Wyoming

Day 7

You can visit Marty and Patti’s blog if you want another angle on this trip at,

Marty and Patti’s blog

This as my view out the window this morning as I got it going. Tetons.tetons


The geese were making a bunch of noise down on the Buffalo river too.geese


We got it going and headed on out.vans


More flowers in this area

There were lots of wild flowers once we entered Wyoming.fklowers


We went by these mountains, but I didn’t find the name of them.pins


Lunch of the road

We stopped and had lunch here along the road.lunch


Some roads were in better shape than others.raod9


Some wrong turns

Every once in awhile we got off on the wrong road before hitting a dead end were we’d turn around and try again.road6


We cruised along.road3


We went down this road.road8


And through flowersroad5


And eventually dropped down out of the hills headed for the town of Pinedale.road10


My camping spot on the street

The others got motel rooms, but I’m staying here by the motel for the


It was a long hard day driving but it was fun too.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    You are covering a lot of ground, and a lot of dirt! Good thing you are all self contained in one small vehicle. Those roads look ‘iffy’. You are having a great time with friends!

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