Continuing With the New Pump Hookup On the Old Well

Friday April 16, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Well pump hookup

Now that I had most of the parts to  hookup the well pump I continued on that project today.

First I put thread sealer on the pipe parts that make up the top of the well seal.sealer1


Then I tightened up the pipes with  the well seal on it.tighten2


On and off

Then I put sealer on these parts and tightened them all up. This is the well pressure switch and the pressure gauge. This pressure switch turns the pump on and off.switch3


Cut to length

Next I needed to cut the well pump pipe to length. I put the bottom of the pump two feet off the bottom of the well so the pump would be above any sand at the bottom of the well.saw4


Ready to go

I cut the pipe and put some pipe clamps on the plastic pipe. Then I added the white rope to help pull up the pump when need be.. This part is ready to go now.wellcap5


I had the pipe laid out in this ivy and figured it’d all get tangled up when I tried to drop the pump in the well.pip36


Installing the pump

I didn’t want the plastic pipe to hang up and kink so I moved the top closer to the well and was now ready to drop the pump in the well.pump7


The pump went in with no problems and now was ready for some more pipe hookups to the pressure tank and the water line that goes to the garden and chicken house.well8


Hooking up pipes and stuff

It took awhile and I had to hunt up some pipe parts I was short but found stuff to work in my junk, er parts.pipes9


Here’s the pressure tank all hooked up.hookkups10


Pipes hooked up

I got the pipe hooked into the pipe line. But I didn’t get the electrical stuff hooked up yet. That will take another day to get hooked up but I did enough for one day according to my back.wellhookkup11


That all took  most of the day. As you can see it takes quite a bit of stuff to get a well hooked up and a lot of parts too, including a bit of work.

Done for the day

The day was about over when I got it done so I picked up my tools and put them in the wheelbarrow.

I was hungry so I went in the house and got something to eat and then had a a bit of a nap.

Nice day working away on this project.

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