Working On the Cement Pad for the Pressure Tank For the Old Well Setup

Friday April 9, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Old well hookup project

Here’s the old well that I bought parts for yesterday to get it hooked up so I can use the water to water more of my weeds for the chickens to eat. That’s Doris, my Easter egg blue/green egg layer. She is an Ameraucana . She’s one of the friendlier breeds of chickens and a good egg layer.well


New pressure tank

Here’s the pressure tank I need to hookup but first I need to  make a cement pad for it. It’s a small tank as this is only for yard irrigation.tank2


There’s a good diagram of how to hook things up on the side of  the pressure tank box that I will use as a guide more or less.setup3


So I moved the pressure tank to the pump site to get some ideas on where to put it. The chickens are helping out, sorta.helpers4


Pad form

I need to pour a cement pad to mount the pressure tank on so I needed to build a form. I was fortunate to find this square box from an old skylight I removed a long time ago, so I didn’t have to build a form and could put this old stuff to some good use. I used a level to level out the form.frame5


Not always helping out

The chickens where digging things up so I had to get things done before they wrecked it all.workers6


Mixing cement

So I got the cement and tools to mix and work the cement.tools7


Mixing up the cement for the form.cement8


Poured pad

The cement poured and setting up. I  had to drive the chickens away to let it harden up.pad9


So I called the chickens over to the gate and let them into the front yard. bitds10


Once the gate was open they took off so now the cement will cure without them messing it up.bitds11


Finishing off the cement pad

As the cement set I worked it to smooth it up and formed the edges. Most of the rest of the day I just worked on finishing off the cement as it set.

Good to get that part of the job done, now I just need the cement to set up and harden so I can go onto the next step, but not today.

Nice day.

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  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Psst Bob…..The finished mixture is concrete, not cement……
    This is from an old mixer driver……

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