Well Hookup, Culvert Extension and Selecting Roosters for Butchering

Saturday April 10, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Working on stuff

I finally got around to opening up the water pump box. I hadn’t realized it was a kit and I had bought some of the stuff that was already in the kit so now I had some extra stuff. I’m going to use the 1 inch black plastic pipe to hook up the pump in the well.pump


I unrolled about the amount of plastic pipe I would need and put it out in the sun to straighten out after being coiled up. That should make the pipe easier to deal with when I get around to hooking it up.pipe


Figuring it out

I looked over what it would take to hook the pump up as I knew I didn’t have everything yet so it will take another trip to do some more shopping to get the rest of the parts I will need.

Culvert extension placement

The next thing I wanted to do was get the culvert extension placed where it needs to go in the ditch.

Bee swarm

I rode the quad over to where I was working and ran into my brother Tom here. He was looking at something in the tree and he said bee swarm, so I looked too.beeboxes


Sure enough there was a swarm of honey bees up in the apple tree.bees


Got some help

So as long as Tom was there I asked him to help me set the culvert in the ditch once I had the bed for it leveled out.

Here’s the old culvert. I need to take off the cable and put a chain on it so Tom’s tractor can pick it up and set it in the ditch where it belongs.

Taking measurements

I also needed to measure the diameter to see how to match it up to the ditch culvert which is steel.culvert


Here’s the steel ditch culvert I’m extending. The lip on the cement culvert just fits inside this steel culvert so I prepped the bed for the extension to set on and line up with this one.cullver6


Here comes help

Here’s comes Tom with his tractor to pick up this culvert with his bucket to drop it into the ditch.tom7


Set in place

Too busy to take photos. We got the old culvert piece into the ditch and set in place. The tractor sure helped with that.culver9


That’s ready for me to build up the sides with cement but not today.

Checking the water level in our tanks

Before heading back home I rode the quad up to our spring water tanks to check the water level. They were full so I can do some more watering of the weeds.tanks9


Checking things out

Late in the afternoon I put the new pressure tank in place to do a little planning to get the rest of the parts I need to hook up the well and the tank.tank10


It was a real nice spring day so I spent the last part of it chair hopping around the yard just enjoying the evening.

One more task to do today

I had one more thing I needed to do today but I had to wait until it got dark first.

And that was to go out in the dark and select the roosters that I need to butcher tomorrow as they are making  too much noise and causing too much trouble with the flock. They are easy to catch when on the roost so I catch the ones I need and put them in a little side cage until the event takes place tomorrow. That’s much easier than chasing them around the pen, much easier. I will keep two roosters for breeding.

Roosters are easy

Roosters are easy to pick as they make a lot of noise and cause a lot of trouble when they mature.
But the hens I have a real hard time picking which ones to butcher as when I butcher one for meat I don’t get anymore eggs from that one. I have way too many hens right now so I did pick out two to add to the roosters.

So I have 5 roosters and 2 hens to butcher tomorrow. Not my favorite thing to do but with my corn allergy thing it’s one of the ways to get meat that hasn’t been around any corn so I do it.

Sometimes puttering gets quite a bit done in one day.

Nice day.

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