Our Spring Water is Going Somewhere

Wednesday September 11, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

Started out the day looking for our spring water

Since I had some time to kill today before an afternoon dentist appointment it seemed like a good time to hunt up where most of our spring water is going? There are five houses on our spring water system and none of them have a usage gage, so finding out where it was all going took a bit of work.

My plan was to put a a pressure gage on each house and turn off their water supply and see if the gage dropped in pressure and how fast. The faster the pressure dropped, the greater the water leak. I tested my house first, then my brother’s next door. He appeared to have a very small leak in his system and my house was ok, of course. :O)

One of my aunt’s who also lives next door, usually is where the problem is, as her house’s plumbing is old and she is bed ridden and things don’t get taken care of much. I went over to her house and met one of her care givers and told her what I was going to do. I put the gage on and turned the water off and the gage dropped real fast to zero. Ha. To check, I turned it back on and was going to repeat it when I noticed the sprinklers were on in her backyard, spraying water all over the place as a lot of the sprinklers were broken. Darn no wander we don’t have much water. I found the automatic timer and turned it all off and checked her system again and it didn’t drop but just a little this time, so if she had a leak it was very small and shouldn’t cause a problem.

I then checked my hard ass uncles water as the main went though my aunt’s so I could check it without going over there. It checked out ok.

Only one more place to check. A rental we have on the property. No one was home, so I put the gage on an outside faucet and checked that out and it was ok.

So it looks like my aunt’s place was using up all the water spraying it on some useless bushes? I’d added fourteen hundred gallons more water from some other springs a couple days ago and the tank just wasn’t gaining water as it should, so hopefully, tomorrow, the tank will have gained some more water. We’ll see.

All that running around earned me a nap and then I had something to eat and went off to the dentist. She was to install my new crown, which she did, without too much fuss.

From there I went over to Sebastopol to check on a friends progress on some underground wiring a friend of his was helping him with. I gave the guy some advice and shot the bull with him for a bit and then went to visit another friend and that shot all of the afternoon. I was going to do some shopping too, but it doesn’t take much to detour me unless I really need something, which I didn’t.

I came on home for another nap and it was dark before I knew it. It was rather cool out today, so I got some wood together and built a little fire in the wood stove, just enough to take the slight chill off the house.

Had a good day.

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