Dan Finds Another Dead Sand Shark in the Russian River Estuary

Saturday October 3, 2015 Guerneville CA.

There’s a huge bicycle event jamming up all the roads to the west of me that I use to go kayaking, so I needed to do something else today.

I headed on out to Santa Rosa to visit with my friend Joe for a bit, then did some shopping. Something was going on with motorcycles today too as I must have passed over five hundred of them coming into Guerneville on the way out. What a rumble they made coming into the river valley.

I had to get some PVC pipe fittings to adapt to a well pump I want to test which I found and then went to Wally’s to get a couple more pairs of pants so I don’t have to wash so often.

From there I  headed on over to Marty’s to see how he was doing with his carburetor as he was adding a gas shut down solenoid to see if shutting off the gas just before the carburetor would help keep so much gas from boiling out of the carburetor from heat build up during shutdown. These old vans have a problem with heat building up in the engine compartment when they are shut down as the engine heat builds up in the compartment and tends to boil all the gas out of the carb causing gas smells and hard starts.

He seemed to be doing ok with it and will have to take the van someplace to test it out.

I also spent some time trying to help him get his Google plus account and Utube accounts straightened out as he wants to post some videos on his blog occasionally. We made some progress, but there still seems to be a glitch somewhere that is causing an error when we try to upload a video.

We worked on that until we got tired of working on that.

Then I went on home, running into a lot of the bikes, but luckily they were going the other way, so it wasn’t too bad.

Dead sand shark

When I checked my email, I found this photo from Dan who I met the other day kayaking. He sent me this picture of a dead sand shark he found the day after I found the other dead sand shark. This one he said he found on the south side of the ocean shoreline towards Goat rock in the estuary. He said it looked like it had just died.sandshark


So this sorta makes it look like there are some sand sharks in the estuary after all. Now, why are they dying? I’ll have to keep my eyes open to see if anymore dead ones turn up.

I sat around in the yard for the rest of the day and spent some time on the couch too and that was about it for the day.

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