Day 1 Heading for the Mojave Road Trailhead

Tuesday March 3, 2020 Mojave Road Trail, Mojave desert, California

Looking for the trail head

We left Quartzsite bright and early at 11 and headed North. We stopped to get Marty a new tire for his van and did some shopping for eats too.

Here I’m following Marty’s van which I did most of the day.road1


Marty turned off the road onto what he thought was the trail head of the Mojave road trail on this road. No signs anywhere.road2


Dead end

We got up to this spot a couple miles in and came to a dead end so we were wondering what’s what.road3


We decided to go back out to the main road and start over but on the way I advised Marty to stop if he saw anyone in the few camps we went by on the way in. We spotted an old guy at one of the camps and drove on in and asked where we were and where was the trail head.

Yes we were on the right road but we needed to veer further north to pick up the trail.

Try again

We took off back the way we’d come and headed more north along here on this road. There were roads everywhere in this wash so the one we wanted was mixed into them all.road4


Another dead end

But that road dead ended in this little spot which turned out to be just right for tonight’s camp which we were ready for when we


Tonight’s camp

A nice camp spot we are just waiting for the winds to subside which they did.vancamp6


The trailhead sign

A guy drove up in his side by side so I questioned him about where the road was. Just down the road a bit there was a turn I saw. He said take that one up onto the ridge and you will find the sign that says Mojave Road Trail.. That was good info. It pays to talk with folks that have been here before, helping us keep on track.

Here’s the view from our campsite looking down on Fort Mojave where we gassed and did some shopping on the way in.fortmojave


Tomorrow we’ll continue on up the trail and see where we end up. Patti got a phone lock here so I’ll try to post this blog in the morning.

Nice day exploring around looking for the trail.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    What a great spot for overnighting! No matter how you ended up there. I’m glad people are friendly in this lifestyle, always offering to lend a hand.

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