Day 2 on the Mojave Road Trail Trip Doing Repairs

Wednesday March 4, 2020 Mojave road trail, California

Marty’s van repairs

Last night coming into camp Marty discovered his transfer case shifting linkage wasn’t working and he couldn’t shift into 4 wheel drive so this morning he started trying to fix the problem.

He got his tarp and tools out and started on the job.van1


Not getting fixed

He’d make an adjustment and try it out and it just wouldn’t work right so a couple hours later he was still under there working away.van2


Rocky walk

Later in the day I decided to walk up this rocky hill to have a look around so off I went.walk3


This was my view from the hill top.camp4


Not much luck on the van repairs

Marty was testing his van and got this far before he couldn’t shift it.van5


When I came down off the hill he was still hard at it and not having much success.van6


Worn out

Toward the end of the day he got the van back into camp and stopped for the day, worn out from working on the van without any success.

Nice campfire

Towards dark we got a nice camp fire going and relaxed and talked about our options. He has one more thing to try tomorrow which we hope works or we might have to abort our Mojave Road Trail trip as it wouldn’t be good to go through there with this problem.

It was a rough day but the campfire made the day just another day camping in the desert.

So we’re still in the same camp spot for now and we’ll see how things go tomorrow.

It’s all just part of the adventure some good, some bad sometimes.

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  1. DAVID EVANS says:

    Got snow up here again today…Enjoy the sun and sand….

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