Day 5 Crunching Rock On the Mojave Road Trail

Friday March 6, 2020 Mojave Road Trail, California

A slow rocky trail

It was gusty wind all last night rocking our vans. It finally stopped in the morning after day light.

We were sitting around enjoying the morning when a bunch of rigs pulled into the parking lot to check out Fort Piute.rigs1


Rocky roads

We got a late start to get on the road back out to the main road. This road is fairly rough with lots of rocks and about a mile long.road2


This was one of the better roads. We had to pull over and let some jeepers past us that could travel much faster than our old vans. Slow is ok with us.vans3


Mountain pass

This is one of the roads leading up to one of the mountain passes we crossed today.road4


We’re headed up a main mountain pass and had to pull over for some more jeeps passing us up.vans5


We traveled through this area were the road was fairly good.road6


Better road

The desert scenery was starting to change and we were making better time than the rocky road this morning.road7


We still had some interesting parts of the road slowing us down.road8


Here’s Marty and Patti following me.van9


Looking for a camp spot

The desert landscape had changed and we were looking for a camp spot as we were beat, so we looked for a little side road so we could get off this one, but there weren’t many.road10


We finally found this little side road and pulled into it and just off the road to let anyone that might come by pass as you just never know when a rig might want by even on an unused side road.


This is our camp for the night. Lots of cactus so we have to watch out for the stickers.camp11


Little walk

Once we got set up I took a walk further down the road to see what I could see.walk12


It was a nice easy walk down that road and it was sucking me in going further. Some coyotes let loose real close by that put my hair on ends so I turned around and headed back to camp going maybe a mile out and a mile back.

Headed back to camp.wlk13



There was some pretty good sun action tonight as it got dark as we sat in our chairs and watched. Very peaceful out here too.sunset14


Slower than expected

We seem to be making slower progress than we’d planned mostly because the roads have been so rocky so far. I think we only did about twenty miles today, so we’ll try to pick it up a bit if the roads improve.

We had a nice day 4 wheeling through the desert on the old road trail. Good thing we’re not on horses and mules like the guys in the old days.

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3 Responses to Day 5 Crunching Rock On the Mojave Road Trail

  1. bob says:

    You are right about that, for sure.

  2. Gaelyn says:

    Slow travel makes it easier to see what there is to see.

  3. DAVID EVANS..upriver... says:

    Cool!…..Your pictures are swell…..I touched a little cactus in Death Valley thinking no big deal, it went in 1/2″ and I didn’t feel a thing….Still learning as I get older….

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