Dentist, Visit Joe and I Do Some Yard Work

Monday June 7, 2021 Guerneville CA.


I headed over to my dentist around noon for a cleaning and a checkup.

Looks like I need a crown replaced but otherwise it went good.

Visit Joe

On the way home I decided to stop by Joe’s and see if he was home as his place was mostly on the way home.

I found him in his garden pulling up some carrots for a guy. His garden was looking great.joes


He had a lot more plants to get in the garden.plants


After the other guy left we sat around and shot the bull for about an hour before I continued on home.

Ate my last cherries

Once home I visited the cherry tree. I had to hunt for them as the birds have been getting them and they are almost gone.

Old well

Next I went over to the old well and did sediment work for about an hour as that was all my back could handle today.well


Downed tree

I noticed this part of a prune tree had fallen over in the wind on top of some of my raspberry bushes so I got the chainsaw out to cut it up and get the brush off the berry bushes.tree


All cut and cleaned up, but.saw


My back needed a rest so this was as far as the tree brush got for today. I’ll get the brush on the brush pile maybe tomorrow.brush


New to me chairs

My older brother Mike gave me some old chairs for the yard. More chairs for chair hopping around the yard. They are pretty nice chairs.chairs


Raspberry plants taking over

And the last thing I did was cut all these raspberry plants out of my blueberry patch as they are taking over.  The blueberries are getting ripe so I ate some of those while I was at it.patch


Nice day.

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One Response to Dentist, Visit Joe and I Do Some Yard Work

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    It sounds to me like you do much more working around the yard than chair hopping. I’m the opposite these days!
    Your brother’s garden is lovely but wayyyyy out of my league. I’m not even into the few plants I want to get in the garden. Tomatoes and peppers are about my limit. Plus the flowers.

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