Dirt Bike Ride Crash and the Quad Runner Tires Are On

Wednesday June 23, 2021 Guerneville CA.


Barry was coming over for a dirt bike ride today so I just did some chair hopping and puttering around the yard. I pulled some weeds for the chickens and gave them to them. This is the raspberry patch.weeds1


Sediment removal

And I worked on the sediment removal from the old well for  a bit with my helpers.water2


South view

My view from this chair of a real nice day.view3


Dirt bike ride

Barry finally showed up so we got things together and headed across the road and up into the hills for a ride.gate4



We took the old trail I’d recently cleared and I didn’t make it up this little hill. I was too close to the edge and stopped but the bike was leaning where there was no place for a supporting foot so over I went. I had to get myself out from under it and worse than that somehow I had to get it off the hill and out of the creek so I worked on that and got it done, just barely.crash5


Just the  normal cuts and bruises

The outcome to me was two bloodied up elbows which is the usual stuff and nothing to be bothered with. Barry came back but too late to help so we continued on up the hill for our bike ride in the forest.

We rode around and eventually stopped at this spot for the view and a rest.top7


Nice view

Looking south from the Top of the World.skyview6


Lumber pile

When we left there we stopped at this lumber pile Barry wanted to look at as he needs some of it for a project.lumber8


Eventually we made it back to my house and Barry took off for home and I had a rest and did some more chair hopping.

Tires on the quad

Late in the afternoon I worked on getting the new quad runner tires mounted on the rims which went well as I have lots of practice now.quad10


After that the car’s headlights needed to be replaced which should be an easy job. But.lights9


Serviced the battery too

The bulb on the right was behind the battery so it needed to be removed which was ok as the battery terminals needed to be serviced anyway so I did what needed to be done to get the job done.car11


The new lights worked after I was done and tested them out so I closed things up and chair hopped the rest of the day enjoying the nice evening.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Glad your tumble wasn’t too bad. Bruises and scrapes are evidence of a ‘good’ time (?) maybe! haha
    Looks like a nice day for a ride.

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