River Paddle Day And Another Blocked Boat Ramp

Thursday June 24, 2021 Jenner CA.

Paddle day

The winds were supposed to be favorable today so off I went to kayak the river around noon.

Going up river

Since I paddled down by the river’s mouth the other day I headed on up the river about a mile or so which looked like this as I paddled by the upper end of Penny Island.river1


Sit spot

I stop often along the way and sit and watch and listen which I did in this spot.river2


White pelicans

Across the river I noticed some white pelicans along with the other birds.birds3


The white pelicans are more fresh water birds than the brown pelicans that are ocean water birds. They are preening with their long beaks.pelicans4


Turn around spot

I make it up to this spot before turning down river, sitting and watching and listening for a spell looking back towards the town of Jenner.sitspot5


Another sit spot

I wanted to go for a little walk so I thought I should pick a spot that had wild blackberries that may be getting ripe so I headed to a spot down the river a bit going by here where I pulled in for a stop sitting in my boat.sitspot6


These pelican’s swam on by.pelicans7



And I  heard a motor boat coming down the river and as they approached I heard them saying, Is that Bob. They were biologists and more of them know of me than I know them. I know some of them.

We waved as they passed on by.biologists8


Wild blackberries

Back to the wild blackberries. I pulled onto shore here and looked for wild blackberries in the field above the shore.shoreline9


There weren’t very many berries, likely because of the drought. I did find a very few of them and made them disappear quickly.berries10


This was the field I looked for blackberries in and my boat is on the river across the field.hike11


Hidden trails

If you know where the trails are you can walk around a bit, but only if you know where the trails are as the brush is way too thick otherwise.trail12


Enjoying the day

When I got back to the river I found a spot on the right in the grass to lay down for a spell and just enjoyed the day for a bit.boat13



From my sitting spot I could see the small town of Jenner across the river where I was headed.jenner14


Blocked boat ramp

When I got near the boat ramp I could see it was real busy so I took my time but these people with the green yaks were just standing around shooting the bull. What to do as they were blocking the ramp?boatramp15


Time to educate

I waited around in my boat for awhile but they were not moving so I decided to go ashore and educate them if I could and not get mad about it.

So I did and talked with a young lady saying I’m not giving her a hard time but just trying to educate her a bit that it’s not nice to block a boat ramp.

I said how long have you been here. She said about 20 minutes which I knew to be longer. So I said what’s that sign behind you say?   Ten minute limit. I explained about blocking the ramp. She understood and helped me get my boat past them so I could load up my car. I asked her to educate the rest of her crew.

Nap time

I loaded up and went on home where I needed a good nap and that about finished out  my day except for some evening chair hopping.

Nice day.

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