Driving the Scenic Maggie’s Summit Road in Nevada

Sunday June 28, 2015 Maggie’s Summit Road, Nevada

The plan today was to drive on down this road, FS-013, the few miles to the main highway, 225, go south a short distance and take the Maggie’s summit road over the pass and be at the Willow Creek Reservoir to camp the night.

It was nice and pleasant this morning so I took  my time getting it going, just sitting around the campsite for an hour or so.

I finally got the few things loaded up I need to load and washed the windshield and was off at a leisurely pace down the  gravel road.

I made it to the 225 highway and turned south only a short distance where the Maggie’s summit road starts. There’s a county road maintenance place there and also the local dumpster which I visited for a bit and dumped the garbage, here.dumpster


The Maggie’s summit road starts right here so I got on it and headed on out, or over the hill anyway.

I noticed these ranchers doing some haying, so I pulled over to check it out.hayingranch


The one in the back is raking up the grass and the machine in the front it picking up the grass and rolling it into big round bails.haying


Here’s the guy raking the grasses into rows, in action.racking


And here is the bailer in action. It looks like his wife is operating that machine.bailing


I watched for a bit then continued on down the road. It’s a fairly scenic road which I always enjoy driving over.road


These guys always surprise me as I’m driving along. All of a sudden there they are, unexpectedly even if you know about them. I don’t know their story, but they are right by a house and it says the Auto parts gang on the sign. autopartsgang


I went over the summit and down the other side along this road with the quaking aspen trees along it.road3


Down, down the hill I went to the bottom.road4


There’s a creek called the Columbia at the bottom where there is some camping spots, so I turned right onto the Columbia creek road which went through a meadow with beaver dams on the creek.columbiaroadin


I went up the road a mile or so to some old cabins that are falling apart and found this real nice shady camp spot which I decided would be good for lunch and my noon nap as it was just 11AM now.campspot


I walked around a little shortly after I arrived. Here’s one of the old cabins.cabin


I could hear the creek just across the road from me so I went over to take a look. Lot’s of water backed up by beaver dams. Really looked nice. I thought about swimming, but didn’t. I guess I’m just not young enough for swimming. In the olden days I would have been right in there. I need to work on that. :O)columbiacreek


Anyway, back to the van for some lunch and that nap and now I’m working on this blog for the day as I wait for the sun to get lower in the sky, which is shortly. It’s just after 3PM so I plan to continue on down the road towards Willow Creek Reservoir which is likely a couple more hours of leisurely driving, only a little of it on paved roads.

The plan is to make camp for the night somewhere at Willow Creek and then work my way on in to Winnemucca and set up for the trip home.

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