Emergency Appointment To Check Out a Possible Torn Retina

Thursday November 15, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Need to get my eye checked out

I got a call early this morning from the VA. A few days ago I noticed a flashing light spot moving in the lower right corner of my right eye and was wondering what it was. After a day or so I did a search on flashing lights in eyes and found I should see an eye doctor right away as it may be a retina tearing problem which could be a bad vision problem and would need treatment right away if it was bad as it could cause blindness in that eye.

Setting up an appointment

So I tried to make an appointment yesterday and went through all the stuff they have in place for emergencies and they’d call me tomorrow which is today which they did bright and early.

So I had an appointment with an eye doctor at 3 today so I didn’t want to get too dirty working on my stuff so I needed to take it easy.

Parts for my old Toyota

I needed to get the new wheel cylinders ordered for my old Toyota Land Cruiser. I decided to just replace them all as they were all real old and have been sitting around not used for about ten years or so and I figured I might as well replace them all now and they should last me through the rest of my life. And I figured I might as well do them now while I still can do that kind of stuff.

FJ Parts

I found a place on the internet that sold parts for older Toyotas called FJ Parts. I tried to call them yesterday around 3 and their phone rang and rang but no answer and finally a recorded message came on to leave a message which I don’t like to do as I don’t hang around the phone much.

So this morning I called again and got the message and was thinking I might give up on this company and hung up. Shorty the phone rang and it was them.

After some checking to make sure the parts would fix my year I got them ordered and I’ve received confirmation that the parts were shipped today and will be here in a couple days so that went well.

After that was done I sat around for  a bit.

Hard to just sit around when there’s work to do

But I can’t seem to sit around doing nothing for long so I measured and cut some rebar to put sides on a couple more grow panels that need sides.

Some welding

I’d bought some more hinges while I was shopping the other day so I welded the hinges on the rebar walk though gate I had started. I need it for the chicken feeder pen I’m building.

Headed on over to the local VA clinic

I left an hour early to make it on time and I thought I might have to fill out a Means form which tells them I’m low income and everything is free, no copays. So I had the lady at the desk check on if I needed to file one as it’s something that had to be done every year and I was usually behind on it.

To my surprise she said that is no longer required, so I smiled as it’s a pain to do. I shouldn’t really complain about it as it’s the only paper work I have to do for my VA medical which is way better than most people have to do for their medical insurance.

Nothing in life is really free

And by the way, nothing is really free in life. I had to give the government three years of my life to earn that and could have been killed or maimed in the process.

Delayed in route

It was a good thing I left early just the same as I had to wait about fifteen minutes at some road work on the way so I had plenty of time.

The Doc

Anyway I saw the doctor and he checked my eyes out, both of them.

Well he said, you don’t have a torn retina, but he said it was something else I can’t remember which I’ll find out when I get and read the report. Whatever it was it could be the start of a tear, so he gave me an appointment in six weeks to check it out again and do an eye exam as I haven’t had one in a long time as my eyes are pretty good for my age. I only use reading glasses for reading otherwise I can still see pretty good. He did say  my eyes aren’t as good as when I had my last exam which I expected as it was done quite a few years ago as I said.

So that went rather well  as it’s not good to have a torn retina as that eye could go blind.

He did dilate my eyes so the drive home wasn’t real clear, but I could see enough to still be safe.

Chair hopped

Once home I just sat around and checked out what I needed to do to continue working on my chicken grazing pen to finish it up and went on in as the day started to cool down.

That was my day.

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